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Posted by SharmWimbleton - 1 month ago

Hey guys, its Wimbleton. The one who make some mad characters and some other stuff

I'm also an artist or "Madartist" for drawing in madness combat

So this is Newgrounds, huh? This is my first time of joining in Newgrounds since I post it a lot on Twitter. Any cases about, how I live here.

Some other things that you should know:

  • Wimbleton is a last name based of Hank's full name
  • Post everything on Twitter, especially in Newgrounds
  • Listen to the songs/music's in their soundtracks
  • Doesn't have ideas for drawing a concept
  • Playing some old games (5 medals that I beat in Accelerant, except on Hydraulic)


Q: Where you came from?

A: In Philippines

Q: When you were born/ is your birthday?

A: 12/18/07

Q: Have everyone see you on your drawing in Newgrounds

A: Not really (I have not scouted yet)

Q: How about on Twitter?

A: Yes

Q: Have you listen to your favorite soundtracks?

A: Not every favorites, I listen to different once

Q: What games did you play?

A: Some old madness games

Q: What digital did you use?

A: XP-PEN (its very expensive)

Q: What happen to you?


This message has delete by author, if you may contact with others, please >ERROR< your creator

Oh... Sorry about, what just happened.

I think the text is broken because of my desktop problems, maybe I should fix it later.

So before I start this thing, some of them who repost their art. Stealing their other drawings, like they said "DONT REPOST ART" when this is not yours. You can ask permission or rate their arts, IF you need them.

About Wimbleton:

All arts are made by Wimbleton, Credits to Krinkels the original creator of madness combat

Sharmane "Wimbleton" Garcia, a madartist who cares about drawing and art stuff of madness combat characters. Some of her styles are different than the other MC fanarts in website. The legend who made the first lost episode of Marshmallow Madness, Matt "Krinkels" Jolly, the original creator of Madness Combat series, he made a first episode before Marshmallow Madness, animate in flash started on July 25, 2002.

(Note: Why her name is long? Because my name is very long, that's why I choose Wimbleton)

Thinking about events, madness day is now today. I will prepare something for the event later but make sure to look at the news update before I post it in Newgrounds. Thanks for the patience.

If you haven't see the news yet, you can click on my description

Link: https://sharmwimbleton.newgrounds.com/

Thank you for reading this message, really hope you feel welcome.

"Be strong, Stay safe" -Wimbleton